New drawing of an old friend

Few more shots from Kassan workshop


David's drawing tools



David's second drawing demo, this is after 3 hours into it..


Notes from David Kassan Drawing demo

Up at Whidbey Island this week taking a workshop from David Kassan, put on by Carry Juriens and WIFAS - It's so amazing and wonderful to have this resource here, Carry is doing such a great job bringing these fantastic artists to the Northwest. 


Instructive Art Links, for inspiration and learning

Lately I've read some really wonderful how-to articles on various topics, and I didn't want to lose track of them because I know I'll want to go back again and again.  So here's a list of some of my favorites:

Howard Lyon's explanation of Color & Light.  He shows how and why we should select a limited color pallete, and how light works - with particular emphasis on skin tones.  Wonderful explanation and examples!

Showing all my old sketches

Well, this might be a bit crazy, but I was going through 5 sketchbooks I've filled up over the past several years, and just decided to go ahead and photograph them and post them all to my website.  The reason I say that's a bit nuts is just because I hadn't really intended for my sketchbook drawings to actually ever see the light of day.  I have basically one rule for my sketchbook...  that is this:  pretty much anything goes.  This is my place to let loose - and just draw carefree.  I'm


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