Article in our local Battle Ground newspaper

Last week as we were heading down to CA to visit my sister for Thanksgiving, I received a text from a reporter from our local Battle Ground newspaper, The Reflector.  He said he was working on a story for Christmas, and wanted to promote local art and buying gifts locally, and asked if he could talk about my art.  Of course I was willing!  

Here's the article - and the image was a full 1/4 page in paper!

They did get a few things wrong, I actually stopped teaching a couple years ago after 15 years at the Art Institute of Portland, and I also stepped down as a board member of the BG art alliance last year, after 7 years on the board.  I guess I need to update the info on my bio page here..  

The reporter didn't actually ask me any questions, just sent the single text and then pulled the details from my website. Oh well, still a nice article!