Local Community Library purchased 4 paintings!

Posted Nov 4, 2014


A few months ago the library approached me and said they were interested in acquiring some of my paintings.  I've had a couple solo shows there over the past few years, in the Swift Gallery which is part of the library.  They said the shows got such positive response that they felt maybe they should get some of my work to fill some of the empty wall space!  This library is fairly new, it was just built within the last 5-6 years or so.  

I've often thought I would love to see my work up on those walls, but never did talk to them about it.  It will be pretty exciting to see my paintings hanging here permanently!  Still in a bit of shock.. They have purchased 3 that I had done, and decided they want to commission one more to fill the large space on the big wall over the magazines. 

So now I need to get working on another one!  I realize this is a great blessing from the Lord, He's the one that helps these kinds of things happen. 


group of paintings 2

paintings at the library