The Career Path of an Artist

New Solo Show at Swift Gallery in Battle Ground WA

Today I put up my new solo show at the Swift Gallery in the library at Battle Ground, Washington.  I've got a few portraits, some large riverbed paintings, and a couple sky-scapes, and one snow scene.  It's a mix of everything I've been working on over the past couple years.  I'm still working on another painting that I want to bring in and add to the group, but I'm pretty happy with how things turned out.  The show will be up for July and August.  

New drawing of an old friend

Had fun doing a painting demo for SWA

Yesterday I was priveleged to be able to give a painting demo to the Society of Washington Artists (SWA).  It was a lot of fun, and they had tons of questions.  There were about 35 artists in attendance.  A couple of them were wandering around shooting some photos, so I'm hoping I can get a photo to drop up here.  It was good to meet other artists in the Vancouver area. Lots of good feedback and a few of them asked me if I teach lessons or workshops.  I haven't seriously thought about that really, but maybe I should.

My Materials & My Painting Process

Recently I got an email from someone who described herself as a "very novice" artist.  She was inquiring about how I work, my painting methods and my process.  It's great to be asked these questions because I love to teach others & share..  but it definitely takes time to explain and teach how I paint.  I've been studying and painting for nearly 30 years now, so it's hard to sum up everything in an email.  But maybe I can start by posting some blogs and maybe even some videos for others to learn (eventually). 

New river & rocks painting

Well I finally wrapped this one up.

A bend in the river, oil painting by Tom Wheeler


I haven't painted in over a month.  Overall 2013 was probably my best and most productive year as an artist, I completed 9 paintings and sold 3.  And I'm even almost satisfied with the quality of some of the work!  But, the year ended by me accepting a big project from one of my website clients (I build websites for a living), and because of the scope and deadline involved it pretty much consumed me for a month and a half.  I had to put the brushes down.  

New Portrait, Garrett

I'm really happy with how this painting turned out.  This is my son Garrett, 9 years old. 


Kassan workshop



David Kassan & I at Carry Juriens home.  Carry invites everyone over for a dinner when there's a long workshop. It's really fun to hang out with all the great artists.  In the group there are artists from all over - some from Canada, one from San Francisco, several from Seattle area, and even a couple from Virginia!  Some really good artists in the group.

Few more shots from Kassan workshop


David's drawing tools



David's second drawing demo, this is after 3 hours into it..



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