oil painting

Coastal Agates

Here's a new shot of something I just finished up.

Progress shots - "No More Strangers"

Here's a progress shot of a painting I'm currently working on. Really loving this so far. It's the most ambitious painting I've done, involving 10 portraits!

No more Strangers

Almost finished with this one

Here I am working on a large riverbed painting.  It was a commission from an old friend who lives in Texas now.  I don't think they have rivers like this in Texas.  I'm not sure they have water in Texas.  I digress. 

Preparation work for Painting "Living Water" - (portrait of Christ)

Recently I completed this religious painting, a portrait of the Lord Jesus Christ.

New Portrait, Garrett

I'm really happy with how this painting turned out.  This is my son Garrett, 9 years old. 


working on a painting of clouds

Finally getting a chance to work on my new easel.. well I should say - finally went out and bought a new easel! I used to have a pretty big wood easel that I built with a friend while we were in college.  He was a hobby wood-worker, and he wanted to learn painting.. I needed an easel at the time, so we decided to make our own.  We came up with a pretty decent easel that lasted for years, not bad for a couple college kids. 

Something a little different

Here's my latest painting - with a little help from Bailey on the finishing touches.  I've been thinking about clouds lately and want to do some more cloudscapes.  Maybe not quite this intense, it's definitely a stretch!  These colors I think will probably knock people over.  But my kids sure love them! 

And Bailey was helping out with this one too..

She's getting into it! 

PeaceHealth is buying 2 of my paintings

I got a call on Saturday from an art locator / buyer who is responsible for finding art for the new PeaceHealth hospital in Vancouver WA.  She said they've been looking for Nortwest artists to show, and really like my work.  Today she came out to Battle Ground and visited me at my studio, and plans to purchase 2 of my paintings, possibly a 3rd.  I'm pretty excited about it!  It's nice to know that people are interested and appreciate my work.  I think the river and rock scenes will fit very nicely in a hospital environment.  They need to have a lot of room and space - I'm thrilled that they


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