Had fun doing a painting demo for SWA

Yesterday I was priveleged to be able to give a painting demo to the Society of Washington Artists (SWA).  It was a lot of fun, and they had tons of questions.  There were about 35 artists in attendance.  A couple of them were wandering around shooting some photos, so I'm hoping I can get a photo to drop up here.  It was good to meet other artists in the Vancouver area. Lots of good feedback and a few of them asked me if I teach lessons or workshops.  I haven't seriously thought about that really, but maybe I should.

This is the painting I brought to work on - it's just in the beginning stages, and it was only an hour demo so I didn't get real far.  It's a challenge to paint and talk at the same time!

This is on a masonite panel, toned grey to start.  The initial drawing is worked out mainly in just raw umber and white paint. 

I was standing with my back to the audience mostly, and I forgot I was wearing the shirt that looks okay from the front, but has a nice blue paint mark on the back.  No one even mentioned it - I actually meant to bring it up.  Most of my shirt (and pants) have paint on them.. but it takes a special skill to get paint marks on the back of a shirt!