I've written a book

I confess, 2016 was not a very productive year for me as a painter.  I got it into my head to write a book, and it's finally finished and up on Amazon!  If you get a chance, please take a look: 


It's a book primarily targeted to members of the LDS church (of which I am one), who might be struggling with faith, or who are interested in learning more about faith and how faith and reason can work together.  I have a chapter on science and faith (specifically evolution), in which I go through some of my own journey and thoughts as I've come to grips with accepting organic evolution as a religious person. 

There are also chapters on the Atonement of Christ, thoughts about grace, mercy, judgment, and also a significant chapter on the temple. 

It's been a fun and interesting adventure to work on this.. I know it's far from perfect, and not many people would ever read it, but I enjoyed putting it together.