New drawing of an old friend


I finished up this drawing today, 11x14" Charcoal.  Don Cobabe is a good friend of mine from church.  For several years I was an early-morning seminary teacher, and Br. Cobabe was in charge of making sure the kids were behaving themselves, and actually going into class.  We had lots of time to sit and talk, and got to know each other pretty well.  I always wanted to do a portrait of him but could never get up the nerve to ask him.  A few weeks ago I happened to see Don at a church function, and again the thought struck me of how great it would be to draw and paint him, but I didn't ask him.  Then the very next morning we ran into each other at the grocery store.  I thought perhaps the Lord was giving me a second (third & fourth) chance.

So I said, "Hey Br. Cobabe have you got an extra 10 minutes today?"   He said he could make time, and asked me what I needed him for.  I said, "I want you to come over to my studio so I can photograph you for a portrait I want to paint."

"A portrait?!" He exclaimed, "Well, sure!"  And so he came over.  He's such a great guy.  Darwin, (our Australian shepherd) took a bit of warming up, but once he realized that Don is a teddy bear, he loved him to death. 

So anyway, this is the drawing.  I'm prepping for the painting, which I hope is coming soon.  I have to finish a rock/river scene that I've stalled a bit on, but once that's done then I'm going to roll on this portrait.  After that, I think I'll have to do Eli's portrait (Amy Jo is waiting patiently).