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Posted: Mar 27, 2020

This information was sent to me from another artist, looks good so I'm posting it here.  I don't usually enter a lot of competitions but if you're interested:

Here is a list for 40 Best Art Competitions to Enter in 2020

Posted: Jan 23, 2020

About a year ago the church's video production team was out in our area looking for "interesting people" to shoot stories about faith and the Book of Mormon.  Somehow they ended up at my house and filming in my art studio.  I don't know why they thought I was interesting -- they...

Posted: Sep 09, 2019

This month I've got an art show up at our local library in Battle Ground, WA.  I have several portraits and also sea-scapes (water-scapes??) that I've been working on. If you're around the area, please stop into the gallery room!  The library also has 4 of my other paintings on permanent display on the opposite side of the building, in the reading room.  

art show by tom wheeler


Posted: Mar 01, 2019

Had a great time today visiting York Elementary School today. Talked to the kids about painting, drawing and answered lots of questions about the process of creating art!  I think a lot of them are excited to go home and start drawing and painting! It was a lot of fun & makes me want to get back to teaching again. Kids are awesome!! 

teaching art


Posted: Aug 10, 2018

A few years back I created a website that was meant to be a gathering place for LDS artists, but because of limited time I never really made it what it could have been. But as part of that project I researched some information that I want to keep for future reference: 

Art has an important role to play in life, and a direct impact on the human experience. We create art, we live with it and around it, we bring it into our homes and our lives. Art is something that helps to define us as...