Grandpa Kobabe - Oil on Panel, by Tom Wheeler

Grandpa Kobabe by Tom Wheeler

A portrait I created some years ago when I was really focused on learning more about how to create very realistic portraits. This man is a good friend of mine that I used to work closely with in one of my church assignments. I worked for a long time on trying to improve my portrait skills, and took a couple of workshops to help with this. I studied with David Gray, an excellent artist here in Washington state who is very skilled at portraits. Then later I studied with David Kassan, one of the premiere portrait artists in the United States.

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This is the first portrait I tackled after taking the workshop with David Kassan.  I'm quite pleased with it. The process of creating very real portraits with oils is intense, and very deliberate and careful. There really are no short-cuts, and it takes a long time and a lot of concentration. I still love this kind of painting, but due to time constraints and my busy schedule these days, I'm moving a little away from this style and into a more loose method.

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